'On the Day' Table Decor

Updated: Jul 22

Yes it's that time of year where weddings are happening here, there and everywhere! Choosing all your venue decor can feel like an overwhelming task, so in my next few blogs I am going to look at a few ideas for on the day stationery. Here's some table decor ideas to get started...

Rachael Silvester Photography

Name Places

Let your guests know where they are sitting in a fun and creative way. Wax seal name cards are very popular at the moment. Layered card and vellum paper joined with a wax seal add elegance to any table. I offer a wide range of coloured wax and card combos to fit your theme and if you want to add an extra personal touch, why not think about an initialed stamp?

For a more natural look, slate or pebble name places are a brilliant idea and they make a lovely keepsake too. The grey stone fits with any colour scheme and adds an earthy feel to table layouts.

Keep it simple with luxury textured card and hand lettered names. These can be flat, standing or propped in little holders. I particularly like the gold and silver lettered ones just to add a bit of sparkle! I also offer a more bespoke service on these card name places allowing you to add a little illustration to your design...a landscape or floral motif are just some ideas to get you started.

I could go on all day about place names, but I'll just leave it at those three for now. If you want to chat about any other ideas you may have then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Table Names/Numbers

A big wedding or a small wedding a few table names/numbers might be useful to help navigate your guests. The first idea I have for you is illustrated places. Name each table after some of your favourite places, date locations, holiday destinations and with the text add a little illustration of that place. This is a beautiful way to tell a story about where your relationship has taken you. I offer these bespoke illustrations in all shapes and sizes and can help provide a way to display them too.

Wooden logs work wonderfully with a rustic style wedding. Slanted cut, mountain theme, simple plaques...I have several different ways wood can be used. They look great upstanding on tables surrounded by flowers. They can be burnt into or painted with any numbers or letters.

We all know everyone likes to celebrate a wedding with a drink! Why not name each table after your favourite beverages - wines, champagnes, gins, beers, soft drinks. These fun illustrated drinks make a lovely table name feature and even better if they match a drinks seating plan! Again I take bespoke orders and can provide stands.

I love taking bespoke orders for table names, so please drop me a message if you want to discuss some unique ideas.


Finally a few ideas to display menus on tables. A personal favourite of mine are these standing triangular menus. Printed on high quality card with any design you choose to match your theme. Have the full menu printed on all three sides so everyone on the table can see or, split the starter, main and dessert across the sides.

Here's a more simple idea. A long narrow menu, one for each guest or choose a way to display one per table. Wooden blocks, acrylic holders or how about cork stands! This is a very versatile layout and can be altered to fit any theme. A little wax seal also adds a bit of elegance and looks great with match wax place names.

Thanks for giving this a read. I hope it sparked some ideas to help you along with your planning. If you want to see more have a scroll on the wedding section on my website, Instagram or Pinterest. My next blog will be looking at 'On the Day' Signage, so keep a look out for that.