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Abbie & Joel

A personal touch!

I loved working with Abbie and Joel on their stationery. A couple who had their wedding in Manchester but love the Lakes - it was a joy to create some unique designs for their wedding preparations. Here's a look at some Invitations and 'on the day' items I designed for them...


Gate folded invitations! This folded layout is great to get a lot of info in one place. If you're thinking about invitations for your own wedding, a gate fold design can be a unique way to invite your guests to your big day. Joel asked me to illustrate a special place on the shore of Derwent Water as a gift for Abbie earlier that year. They loved this illustration and asked me to incorporate it in to some of their wedding stationery. I added it to the back of the invites and replicated the colours and tree designs on the front and inside. It adds such a personal touch to the invites.

Order of Service

Another gorgeous order of service project to work on. Of course my favourite pages were the double page spread in the middle (pictured) - The beautiful words of In Christ Alone layered over the bespoke illustration of the couple. The rest of the booklet contained songs, bible readings, prayers, order of events, thank yous and bridal party info! All with illustrated motifs and borders to make a lovely little booklet to take their guests through their wedding ceremony and a great keepsake to remind them of their service. These booklets can be made so unique and bespoke for each couple and can contain whatever information, illustrations, photographs you want to fit in with your big day. They really can tell a story and I love their page turning quality - so if an order of service booklet has sparked some ideas for your ceremony do get in touch.


Simple but effective! A classic black chalk board sign with white elegant hand lettering. These folded boards are great because you can have a design on both sides....2 in 1! Menus, seating plans, order of the day, quotes or words of welcome all look fab on wedding chalk boards. I hire out my boards for weddings, I have several different shapes and sizes to choose from. Or if you have your own or would like me to source a particular style for you, I can do that too.

Seating plans are another form of signage that everyone looks out for at a wedding. Whether they are personalised and themed like Abbie and Joels, or kept simple and numbered, a large scale board is a great way to display your seating plan so guests can find where they are sitting. The tree theme worked really nicely with Abbie and Joels theme of favourite date locations. I'm loving the creativity couples have with naming their tables, keep a look out for some more seating plan ideas in future blogs.

It was great designing some stationery items for Abbie and Joel. So thoughtful and personal to add little stationery extras before and on their special day. If you'd like to see more of ICillustrations designs, check out the wedding section on my website...

Here's what Abbie and Joel had to say about their Stationery...

"Iona has a spectacular and singular gift for creating beautiful wedding stationery. My fiancée and I couldn’t be happier with her illustrations and her professionalism!"

Maybe some of these bespoke ideas have given you some exciting ideas for your own wedding! If so please do get in touch I'd love to have a chat with you.


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